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Laura reconnected me to my body! Perfect first yoga session of the year.


I began Pilates with Laura over 10 years ago when she ran a class near my office. I have a fairly sedentary desk-based job and wanted to work on my posture, hypermobility/strength and core.  Not only is Laura a lovely person but she's a very encouraging teacher and helps you develop your practice, catering for all levels and abilities.

Kate - PA

Laura is a joyous addition to a rehearsal room. Her work with actors, and the power of her physical storytelling, is inspiring. I’ve found her contributions enable the expansion of my creative vision as a director & theatre maker. Within our collaborations we develop a physical vocabulary which adds to the richness of a text. Laura makes actors and non-actors feel safe enough to explore; her openness and generosity always make for a safe creative space in which to play.

Jules Tipton - Theatre Director

I find Laura's Pilates classes so positive and uplifting and they really get results.

Jo - Banker

I have been taking Laura's online classes for the last 5 months and I feel transformed. Laura is calm, fun, passionate and exceptionally knowledgeable on the practice.  Laura has reminded me to take the time to look after my physicality and be mindful when practicing. I could not recommend her classes more highly, she is the best.

Jane - Entertainment Company Director & Choreographer

Yoga with Laura this morning was fantastic, intense and grounding.


Laura is one of the best teachers (of any discipline) I have worked with. I have seen an increase in my mental and physical wellbeing as a result of my practice, particularly during COVID-19. Laura is very supportive and sensitive in her approach. She has helped me grow in confidence and keeps me motivated.

Catherine - Arts and Events Manager

As a movement teacher, it is often easy to rely on your own practice and stay within fixed habits, but Laura’s sessions have enabled me to be guided in a new, challenging but very supported movement experience, and I love it! I would recommend to anyone interested in finding a beautifully structured practice that enables you to build your strength and ability in safe and supported environment.

Sabina - Movement Practitioner & Theatre Director

It all started with my doctor’s advice to take up pilates for a sore back. Pilates has made me overall much stronger and the back pain has gone. Laura is a lovely natural teacher, gently pushing you but also giving options if you want to take it a bit easier or if you are a beginner. Her instructions are very detailed, clear and easy to follow.


My friend introduced me to Laura’s online class as my regular studio was shut for lockdown. I’ve been practicing with her religiously every Tuesday since March. My core strength improved so much that it helped me with my mobility in hospital after an operation in August. It was the best preparation for my body!

Jill - Illustrator

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